MeToo movement hits Tata Motors, HR says probe on against corp comm head

MeToo movement hits Tata Motors, HR says probe on against corp comm head

#MeToo movement has hit Tata Motors and this time it involves Tata Motors corporate communications head Suresh Rangarajan. Screenshots had been shared on Twitter alleging that Rangarajan harassed young girls and is a repetative offender. Soon after the screenshot involving Rangarajan’s name had been uploaded, many women claimed that they too had been harrased by him. 

Following the incident, the HR of Tata Motors reached out on Twitter and said that the allegations are being investigated and an appropriate action will be taken immediately as soon as the probe will be completed. 

In another statement Tata Motors said, “At Tata Motors, we have always striven to ensure a respectful and safe workplace for everyone. Any allegations are investigated and appropriate action is taken immediately. This matter has already been taken up for investigation by the Internal Complaints Committee, set up as per law. Any such behaviour is against the Tata code of conduct and appropriate action will be taken as soon the enquiry is completed.”

Tata Motors in another tweet informed, “In light of the enquiry by ICC, Suresh Rangarajan, has been asked to proceed on leave in order to allow for an objective enquiry to be completed as swiftly as possible.”

Earlier, director Subhash Ghai had been accussed of sexual assault by an anonymous woman, who claims to be her former employee. He is the latest media personality to have been exposed on social media. 

Sharing screenshots of a private conversation on Twitter, writer Mahima Kukreja, who is at the fore front of the wave that is being described as India’s MeToo movement, wrote “Trigger Warning: drugging and raping. About Shubash Ghai. Told personally by the woman who faced the trauma. She’s also a very credible media/literature personality.”

The accuser had shared her ordeal with Mahima on the condition of anonymity and hence her Twitter handle and display picture have been hidden in the snaps. But Twitter’s blue tick of verification can be spotted over her name.

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